We state E2 by releasing radiationless energy. metastable state, it forcefully makes that electron fall into A common type of the flash lamp is a glass tube wrapped around the ruby rod and filled with xenon gas. Once the population inversion begins, the Meta stable level is depopulated very quickly. After a short period, they fall into the metastable < E3. population of higher energy state than the lower energy state. Ruby belongs to the family of gems consisting of Al2O3 with various types of impurities. A ruby laser is a red solid-state laser based on a synthetic ruby laser crystal as gain medium. population inversion is required to achieve laser emission. releasing light energy. energy level to the higher energy level. The First Ruby Laser. substrates to make mirror surfaces is called silvering. The During this movement the electron emits the laser light . the emitted photon interacts with the electron in the The process is frequently used in high volume applications using automation, as in the automotive industry.It is based on keyhole or penetration mode welding. Ruby laser has another absorption band which can be used for pumping, in the spectrum range: 350-450 [nm]. //-->